Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Website Coding Issue

I finally managed to put together my personal website (http://www.matthewdelman.com), but I'm having some coding issues with the homepage (and yes, now those of you who haven't emailed me directly know my full name. *gasp* My secret's out!).

Anyway, as you can see, the Home link on the front page ended up inside the header for some oddball reason that I can't figure out. I moved the HTML back to where it should be in the Dreamweaver file and FTPed it to 1and1.com's server, which fixed it for a little bit, but now it's back to being funky.

So my question is this: Is there any surefire way to keep the Home link from doing that? Or should I even have a link to the home page on the home page?

Comments gentle readers?


L. T. Host said...

That is a conundrum. I am unfortunately not all that coding savvy. So basically this is a useless comment. My apologies for wasting comment space.

Good luck finding the answer, hopefully someone around here knows!

Anonymous said...

are you sure that the dreamweaver file is what you're seeing? it does say created with 1&1 site builder on the page.

Matthew Delman said...

It was originally created with Site Builder, but I downloaded the code via FTP into Dreamweaver and re-FTPed my changes to the server. I just never took that notation off. Don't care enough to, really.

Anonymous said...

Your page source says this:
<h1>Here there be dragon<a class="main_nav_active_item" href="index.html"><span class="main_nav_active_item_text">Home</span></a>s ... </h1>

You want it to say this (don't self-link, it's not like you have subtitles in this section):
<h1>Here there be dragons</h1>

Matthew Delman said...

Thank you very much.