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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting the News Out and Friends Being Awesome

I've been surprised lately by the sheer awesome of the Steampunk community at large. Being that I've written about the scene for awhile now, you'd think that wasn't possible. Except in this case it is, because more than a few people have written their own blogs about the project (at my request, but it still shocked me). And then there's two fellow Steampunks -- Andrea McDade and O.M. Grey -- who really surprised me because they offered further incentives for people to donate to the magazine.

Sarah Hans, one of the magazine's writers, offers her reasons why you should donate:

Nancy Overbury of Overbury Ink, a fellow Steampunk journalist, featured the Kickstarter in her weekly Steam Tuesday article:

Nicholas L. Garvey, a Steampunk friend, blogged about the fundraiser:

Andrea McDade is offering up a 6x9 watercolor portrait if you donate $20 or more and email her a screenshot as proof. Donate $50 or more and she'll even send it to you: best part is that even if the Kickstarter doesn't succeed, you still get the painting.

Olivia Grey, Steampunk authoress, is offering up a free e-copy of your choice between her novels Avalon Revisited or The Zombies of Mesmer if you donate $25 or more to the Kickstarter and comment on her blog post that you did:

As if helping us launch this magazine into the stratosphere through donating wasn't enough, you've now got even further incentives from Andrea and Olivia to pass along your donations.

If you're uncomfortable donating, and I know some people might be, check out my blog post over at Free the Princess (my personal blog) for more ways you can support the magazine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doc F's Kickstarter update

So the Kickstarter for Doc F's is nearly halfway done, and we haven't even reached $1,000 yet. I'm starting to get a bit worried, so on suggestion of a friend of the magazine, I'm reposting here what you get when you donate:

Pledge $1 or more -- A thank you on the website, a shoutout on Twitter, and mention on Facebook
Pledge $10 or more -- Everything above, plus a thank you in the magazine and a free business-card sized advertisement
Pledge $15 or more -- Everything above, plus a copy of the January/February 2012 issue signed by Doctor Fantastique
Pledge $25 or more -- Everything above, plus a unique hand-painted pin from Merchandise Consultant Kristin Berwald
Pledge $50 or more -- Everything above, plus a copy of the July 2011 print issue (Volume 1, Issue 1) signed by Doctor Fantastique
Pledge $100 or more -- Everything above, plus a Doctor’s Note editorial written thanking you. (The first editorials will appear in the January/February 2012 issue).
Pledge $250 or more -- Everything above, plus all four 2011 issues and a two-year subscription.
Pledge $500 or more -- Everything above, plus a special letterpress item done by Calliope Strange, author of Aeryn Daring and the Scientific Detective: A Serial Novel
Pledge $1,000 or more -- Everything above, plus a feature article on a topic of your choice to run in an issue of Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders. (Feature articles will first appear in the January/February 2012 issue)

So please help us launch into offset printing -- you get some cool stuff!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Support Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders and you Support the Community

By now, y'all are probably aware that I'm the Publisher/Executive Editor and Founder of Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders, an online and POD print magazine. Our mission statement there is to be "Reporting on the Steampunk world, one cog at a time." As a result of this, we've managed to get some very awesome writers and artists to volunteer their time into creating articles for the website and print magazine and in actually designing the print magazine.

We’re currently selling the print issues through MagCloud, a print-on-demand service offered by Hewlett-Packard. The problem with this approach is that we have to sell each magazine for $15 (plus shipping of $2.63) in order to make any revenue off the print copies of the magazine. The e-version is sold at $3.99, incidentally, which offers roughly the same margin.  

Since the post title says "Support Doctor Fantastique's," you're probably off and wondering now what the heck that's actually about.  

Here's the thing: we want to start printing the magazine on a traditional offset press. This will allow me and my volunteers to do a whole mess of fun things as it regards the magazine, including turning the print copy into what amounts to a Victorian magazine printed using 21st Century technology. This would be ridiculously cool, and we really want to go this direction to bring you the best product possible.  

To do that though, we need funding because currently ... well ... we have none. Everything as it regards Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders has been coming out of my own pocket since June 2010 when I launched the website. I've funded it myself because I believe in the project, and though we've broken even and made a bit this year it's all gone back into funding the magazine or the website for one reason or another. My volunteers and I are doing this all in our spare time (in my case what little of it I have), and love every minute of being able to promote the Steampunk community and write about the amazing people involved in this subculture that we all love. 

We want to provide the best product we can to all of our readers, but to do that we need to be able to switch to offset printing for the magazine. Once that happens, the price per copy drops significantly. I'm talking $6.99 in the U.S. and $8.99 in Canada as opposed to $17.63 (with shipping). We can also then offer subscriptions to everyone who wants one and be able to fill them at a significant cost savings to both Doctor Fantastique's and to you the reader.  

Yes, we could go with just an electronic edition to save some serious money, but Steampunk is about bringing the past into the future and the print medium just has so much more to offer than electronic right now. (At least in my mind it does.) It taps more into the true spirit of Steampunk. We don't have the capital to make offset printing happen for Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders, and so that's why I'm coming to you to ask for help. 

There's a number of ways you can make a difference:
  1. Tell people about us. I know it’s ridiculously simple, but whether you Tweet about what we’re doing, our kickstarter fund, mention us on Facebook, blog about the publication, take a copy to a conference with you and show it around, it all makes a difference. And costs you nothing!
  2. Buy a subscription – While the Kickstarter funds us for the first 3 issues, buying a subscription, on the other hand, will fund us for the entire year if we get enough people to sign on. It costs $40 for a full year of Print or Print/Electronic, and $20 for a full year of Electronic. One year is 9 issues by the way. And there's also a subscription drive going until the end of 2011 with some cool prizes.
  3. Donate to our Kickstarter fund – Our goal is $12,000 by November 23rd. This money will allow us to print the first 3 issues (January/February, March, and April) on an offset press and sell them at conventions/ship them out to subscribers. There's some killer rewards, including hand-made pins from jewelry designer Kristin Berwald and a special letterpress item from Nicole Sylvester (aka Calliope Strange, author of Aeryn Daring and the Scientific Detective). Whether it’s $5, $10, $50, $100 or more, every bit gets us closer to the goal.
  4. Buy an advertisement -- We've got some very attractive advertising rates, including web rates as low as $10 and print rates as low as $35 for 3 lines of text listing your product or service. Email me at if you're interested in advertising and I'll pass along the pricing information.
  5. Buy an entertaining read -- We've currently got Chapter One of Aeryn Daring and the Scientific Detective and Chapter One of Steamsteel available as eBooks through the Amazon Kindle store. They're only $2.99 and every sale benefits Doctor Fantastique's. Alternately, you can pick up a copy of our (admittedly expensive) magazines at MagCloud. We're going to be releasing four issues this year total and a total of 14 eBook installments of our serialized stories. I'll keep announcing the releases, and if you like them please purchase a copy. Honestly you’ll spend more on a cup of coffee in a single morning at Starbucks, why not support a fantastique Steampunk magazine instead?
Because at the end of the day, we serve you the Steampunk community, and any investment you make the magazine, and the wonderful volunteers is an investment in making the community better. So please help however you can, and know that I appreciate it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A day of days ...

Three years ago, I proposed to Her Highness the Missus in the gazebo of the Port Orleans French Quarter resort in Walt Disney World. Naturally, she said yes, and we began on a whirlwind adventure that culminated in the middle of September 2009.

That day in 2009 was Sunday, September 13.

At 2 pm Eastern time that day, I said "I do" to the most amazing, funny, and smart woman I'd ever met. She's since become my best friend, my partner in the crazy, and a source of constant amusement.

Today marks two years since that fateful day, and I love her more each day that passes. She's done nothing but push me to take leaps I hadn't thought of before.

So Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous wife .... and here's to hoping I get to say that for a lot more years.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Subscription Drive at Doctor Fantastique's

Faithful readers! I'm quite proud to announce that Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders is officially offering SUBSCRIPTIONS

Click on the Subscriptions page in the left sidebar and fill out the form for us to get your information. Once you do that, we'll be in contact with payment details.

Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your dog to subscribe!

Oh, and we're also offering some impetus to tell your friends. For every 10 people you convince to subscribe, you'll get a $25 gift card to a retailer of your choice.

If you convince 100 people to subscribe, then you'll get a personal phone call from Chief Editor Matthew Delman and a copy of the 2012 Great Plains Steampunk calendar, signed by James Conrad Agin and his team. All proceeds of the calendar go to charity, so this is for a good cause! 

Get 1,000 subscribers to sign up and you'll select a prize of your choice. Your prize has to be $500 or less though; that's the only rule.

The best part about this? Is that you can win these prizes MULTIPLE times.  

The Rules
  1. Only paying subscriptions are counted. An email newsletter sign-up, while good, is not counted toward your referral number.
  2. All referrals must be submitted by December 31, 2011.
  3. The person you refer MUST LIST YOU AS THE REFEREE in the "Who Referred You?" box on the sign-up form.
Happy referring!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Summer of Steampunk

The Summer of Steampunk

By Matthew Delman, Chief Editor

Abaddon Books is declaring the next two weeks The Summer of Steampunk in honor of their Pax Brittannia series of novels, the world's longest-running series of Steampunk novels.

Starting today, they're launching the promotion that'll mark a new direction in the series at the dedicated Pax Britannia Facebook page. Michael Molcher, the PR coordinator, also mentioned that "the event will culminate in a major announcement about a surprising new book which throws away the rulebook of how genre publishing works."

If you haven't heard of Pax Brittania, it's a series of stories set in the late 20th Century where Queen Victoria is kept alive by Steampunk technology and the British Empire never fell. With characters like Jonathan Green's swashbuckling agent of the Empire, Ulysses Quicksilver, and Al Ewing's ultra-violent El Sombra, Pax Brittannia is sure to excite Steampunk readers.

There'll be free eBooks and competition giveaways as well as debate and word from the Abaddon authors about what makes steampunk so much fun.

According to Jonathan Oliver, editor-in-chief of Abaddon Books, “Pax Britannia is one of the longest running steampunk adventures in publishing, and our Summer of Steampunk will bring a host of goodies bound to appeal to new and old readers of the series alike.”

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