Friday, July 9, 2010

Messr Delman's Aetheric Linkapalooza

I promised there'd be randomness afoot on Fridays with the new posting schedule. So today, instead of a post on a fun (or not so fun) historical event in my chosen era, I instead bring you random enjoyment from the Steampunk blogosphere and web.

First up is friend-of-the-blog Ay-leen the Peacemaker's interview with Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band from earlier this week. To those who don't know the story, Joshua A. Norton (1819 to 1880) declared himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico in 1857. He was a very interesting character to say the least, ignored as a non-danger by the U.S. government, incidentally.

Once again Mike Perschon (The Steampunk Scholar) offers a thoughtful critique of a Steampunk novel, this time in the form of Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. It's Canuck Steampunk Month over there and, seeing as Mike hails from Edmonton, there are few people better suited for it.

Over at Steamed!, Eden Bradley talks about creating an outfit for her pseudonym persona of Eve Berlin.

All my folks down in the Philadelphia have a new mission: Go to the Steampunk nights at Dorian's Parlor and tell me how cool it is. CultureMob has the continuing story. If that's not cool enough, then The Clockwork Dolls (cool Steampunk band) will be in attendance at this month's engagement.

A recent episode of SyFy's Warehouse 13 has H.G. Wells as a villain. Interesting concept that -- full story over at Movieline. Warehouse 13 doesn't play with its Steampunk possibilities near as much as I'd like, but it's still a fairly solid show.

The Traveler's Steampunk blog talks about a short Steampunk film by a Turkish film student.

The 2010 Steampunk Bizarre launches today in Hartford, Connecticut. According to The Steampunk Tribune, there will be a documentary team doing a work on Steampunk in attendance, as well as a performance by Veronique Chevalier.


Clare K. R. Miller said...

I did notice that in the new season--or at least in Tuesday's episode--Warehouse 13 seems to be embracing its steampunkiness more readily. Pete used the term "steampunk" to describe Wells' vest (and such an awesome, steampunky beautiful vest it is, gosh do I want to make it), and near the end of the episode two characters put on these great goggles. I'm hoping they'll ramp it up even more as this season continues.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Yanno, I started watching Warehouse 13, but I couldn't get the hubby hooked enough to keep watching (I'm the easy one to please, when it comes to TV). Maybe we'll give it another try...