Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random curiosity

So I had a thought the other day (surprising, isn't it?) and was wondering what anyone who's reading this irregularly updated thingamawhoisit thinks.

Would you folks read a blog-only serialized short story?

It's something I've been toying with as a way to make regular updates. I have no idea what it would be about, or how long it would be, or if this random story would even have a clearly defined ending. It's entirely up in the air at this point.

So thoughts?

P.S. Rick, I promise I'll get to your chapters. Life managed to get in the way though, so it might be a bit longer than I planned.

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Rick Daley said...

I think your best bet is to write it first, the post it in chunks. It would be a much better read.

For a serial you need to craft the hooks at the end of each post that will make us want to come back, and set open story lines up for resolution.

Take your time with the chapters, I have 3 MS from friends in queue for comments.