Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adding to my insanity

As anyone who knows me in real life already knows, I have both a full-time (see my profile for what that is) and a part-time job (oh glorious retail). A few weeks ago I started doing some freelancing for Demand Studios, the owners of, and have really liked it. I want to add to that, with the stated goal of increasing my freelancing to the point where I can replace the income from my part-time job with the freelancing.

So here's my questions to the freelancers who follow this blog (if anyone is):

How do you go about finding assignments? Do you skim websites? Contact company PR departments? Use a "freelance marketplace" resource, ala MediaBistro?

I'm really interested to hear how you all manage to make it work. Respond in the comments, please and thank you.

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