Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Winners of The Dark Deeps Contest

All right, Princess Freers, here's the promised official announcement of the winners of an ARC for Arthur Slade's The Dark Deeps, The Hunchback Assignments Book 2:

Winner number one is ....

"After an evening of pipe-smoking and clever deductions peppered by witty remarks, nothing delighted Dr Watson more than sitting at his desk to record Holmes’ effortless fits of brain power for posterity. Or so dear gyroscopic Sherlock believed.

The truth was quite other, hidden in the basement of a little-known Gentlemen’s club ,The Smoke. Here, after limping down treacherous damp stairs, the good doctor smiled at the innumerable little eyes and hands and hearts(yes, hearts) awaiting his ministrations .Here ,in his cozy workshop by the rumbling steam engine that powered other gentlemen’s unavowable endeavours, De Watson’s delicate surgeon fingers fit together cogs and wheels, wound with copper wire, tensed with springs. Here, Sherlock Holmes’ gentle shadow built his army of clockwork toys, and gave them life. Every tiny copper heart beat for him."
 And, by popular Twitter vote, the winner of the second ARC is ...

K. Marie Criddle
"Black Beauty is a roguely, darish animal that won't sit kindly by and be traded around like a common gooseberry, if one catches one's drift. He wears a saddle of fine oiled leather and brass buckles from the finest of purveyors that purvey that type of stuff. His hooves have been modified with clanking, steam powered pistons that build and store energy for those much needed dashes through the bustling streets of London. Step gingerly, or your legs might not be too merry, Brass Beauty! The end. I'm too tired to think of more."
Thank you to Mia Hayson and Paul Singleton for rounding out the entrants, and forcing me to turn to Twitter for the final winner of the second ARC, seeing as your entries were simply too awesome for me to choose.

I'll have another contest here in October, so anyone who didn't win here is more than welcome to come back along for that one as well.

Nemone7 and Marie, please email me your mailing addresses so I can ship your books out to you.

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Shannon O'Donnell said...

I missed the contest, but I'm thrilled for your winners. :-)