Monday, August 23, 2010

VIDEO: A Gentlemen's Duel by Blur Studio

I was going to try getting another series of guest posts for this week, but in the rush of the weekend it slipped my mind. So, rather than do that, I went out and found this very entertaining Steampunk animated short movie from Blur Studio. Without further ado, I give you A Gentlemen's Duel:

Hope you liked it!


Gary Corby said...

I'm fairly sure that setting's supposed to be the back yard of Versailles. (It's a serious back yard.)

dolorah said...

I'm laughing so hard I can't type.

For all it's cheeziness, I must say that was well done. I expected them to shoot her when they brought out the pistols. Then the authors reminded us this was steampunk.

Those steam powered megamen were awesome. I loved all the lever action, and stopping for tea like civilized men. But the best: saved by the parasol!

I was still laughing as the credits rolled - and oh my, what a fabulous twist the very end was.

This was a treat Matt. Thanks for sharing it :)