Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Multi-Kreative Blogger Award Winner

So the erudite Shannon O'Donnell of Book Dreaming deigned to award me with the Kreative Blogger Award for the second time. I'd like to thank the Academy, and my mother, and ... oh wait, wrong acceptance speech. *snaps fingers* Why do I always do that?

Anyway, I'm (mostly) ignoring the rules of the award seeing as I've already done this once back when Renee Pinner honored me with it the first time.

There is one blog that I think I should bring to your attention:

KatieGrr is a new entry onto the blogging scene (she's been posting only since November), but she's already touched on topics like whether creativity can be learned or not, the coolness of the Wii, and getting your story unstuck when it's required. She's also of the opinion that I'm brilliant, which can only make her even cooler. (Note: Flattery, while appreciated, is not required for coolness)

Also, I'm not sure if my pal L.T. Host at Quest:Published has received the award already, but not posted it; or simply not received the award, but she should consider herself so honored. I also don't need to extol QP's awesomeness here seeing as y'all probably follow both our blogs, but she is teh coolness.

Oh, and just because those two blogs are the only ones I mentioned doesn't really mean I like them better than the rest of the blogs I follow. I'm borrowing a page from Natalie Bahm's book when I say that if you've yet to receive this award and you read these here ramblings regularly (yes, Bane and Adam, I'm talking about you guys as well) then consider yourselves honored.

I suppose I should mention seven things no one knows about me ... ugh I have to come up with new ones now.

  1. My two favorite movies are Spaceballs and Ghostbusters.  
  2. Before I met my wife, I was considering moving to London for a few years.
  3. I love the shows Mythbusters and How It's Made
  4. My best ideas come while driving or in the shower (does anyone know why ideas arrive when you can't write them down?)
  5. I toyed with trying to invent a car that can drive on land and on water. Tires that inflated to several times their original size were involved. I called it the "SeaCar."
  6. For a short time, I considered becoming a Presbyterian minister.
  7. I'm addicted to Werther's Originals candies. Mmmm ... tasty.
Just be happy I didn't repost the original seven from back in September. Coming up with new ones was hard, you guys (not really).

Happy writing!

P.S. Two more days for the Ten-Word Novel Contest. Enter if you haven't already, or offer up another entry if you already have one.


Adam Heine said...

Nice. I think I match you on 5 for 7 of your things there. If you'll allow me to replace "My two favorite" with "Two of my favorite" and remove the word "Presbyterian" :-)

Thank you for the mention, and it's always a pleasure coming here. I should probably post something soon though, aye?

Matthew Delman said...

Adam --

Posting is always a good thing, true as truth. ;)

I have many favorite movies, but those are by and large the head-and-shoulders winners among the field of all my favorites.

Adam Heine said...

My wife once asked what my favorite movie was, expecting -- I suppose -- a quick answer such that she could get to know me better. I ended up talking for half an hour and deciding nothing.

KatieGrrr said...

Cool, Thanks dude!

KatieGrrr said...

And you should deffinately build the amphibious car. And make it submersible as well.

Matthew Delman said...

Katie --

If had any engineering-design skills I might've attempted to actually do it.

Anita Saxena said...

That's cool that you wanted to spend a few years in London. I dream of doing that too, but not for a few years, just months.

Matthew Delman said...

Anita --

My original plan was to move to a new place every 5 or so years. Whether foreign or domestic, no one could really say.

Then I started dating the missus in the summer of 2007 and I realized I'd found my other half. Which of course negated those other plans. And happily so.

Susan R. Mills said...

I think you could pull that car off. I'd love to see it. Thanks for the blog links. I know of a couple of them, but not the others. I'll have to check them out.

L. T. Host said...

For a long time, I wanted to move to Australia. Then, I realized what moving to Australia means-- bugs. Lots of bugs, and other things that want to kill you. No thanks.

Also, it would be at least a six-month, no contact quarantine for my animals. Also no thank you.

I almost went to school at the King's College Royal Halloway-- got accepted, just never went. And I regret that to this day. But the experiences I have had in the meantime have been worth it, too.

At any rate, yes, I did get this award once but I do thank you, sir, for your kindness and appreciation :)

I'd love to hear more about this SeaCar of yours.

ann foxlee said...

Matthew, I have to laugh and wonder at us writers...
You're the second person this month (three counting me) who has mentioned ideas coming whilst driving or in the shower. What is it about hands on a steering wheel and hot water on my back?
Seriously, I probably add $30 to every month's water bill because if I get out of the shower, the ideas stop too.
Luckily for the planet's ozone layer, I haven't started driving miles out of my way just because I'm working out a storyline!