Thursday, September 10, 2009

Notification of Hiatusing (... and stuff)

If anyone who knows me beyond the blogosphere is reading this, feel free to ignore the rest of this post as you probably already know by the calendar what I'm about to say.

I'm getting married this weekend (Sunday the 13th) to a very lovely young woman that I met two years ago, after we'd both graduated from the same college (with the same major) and never ran into each other while we were both students. We'll then be heading to Disney World in sunny Orlando for our honeymoon about two days later. Because of this, I'm going to be incommunicado on the blogosphere from tomorrow night through to roughly the 21st or 22nd. I'm telling you, my loyal blog readers, because I'm actually attempting to keep a regular schedule for updating this sucker as per Eric's advice.

The trip itself probably won't appear on the blog. It's not really germane to the site's purpose, and honestly the wife would probably kill me if she happened to see it (Hi honey, if you're reading!).

So yeah ... I'll "see" you all when I get back.


Gary Corby said...

Your bride does know you're a writer, doesn't she?

Congratulations to you both!

Matthew Delman said...

Oh she knows. And there will be much scribblings on the plane in between writing Thank-You notes to guests.

Joshua McCune said...

Have fun and be merry.

Renee Pinner said...

Congrats, have fune...and nominated you for this Kreative Blogger thing...check out my blog for more info.

Mimzy said...


Have fun at Disney World too! I swear, that place is better as an adult then it is when you're a kid.