Monday, September 28, 2009

Like the Logo?

You might have noticed the logo this here blog's now sporting on the right side of the screen. Weeelll it just so happens that I was reading Quest:Published, and noticed that L.T. Host regularly calls her readers the Alliterati. I then got really, really, really bored at my part-time job one night and decided I was going to create an Alliterati logo (interesting things happen when Matthew gets bored).

So I used Adobe Illustrator and my mad skillz (not really) taken from spending two years as a page designer for a daily newspaper company to throw a logo together for "The Society of the Alliterati." Hence the logo goodness.

Oh, and check out L.T.'s site. She has a Mad-Libs recurring feature using news stories as the base paragraphs. The results are entertaining to say the least.


L. T. Host said...

Thanks so much for the logo Matt :)

I know I shrieked this already like the little girl I can be in my email thanking you, but it's just perfect. :) Can't wait to see it all over the interwebs!

Joshua McCune said...

Here goes my early 90's/late 80's lingo -- Sweet and rad,dude :)

Deb said...

Nice work on the logo--I totally love it!