Friday, July 30, 2010

Steampunk Linkapalooza

We're running another Steampunk Linkapalooza for all you fine folks on this, the last weekday of July.

Over at The Steampunk Tribune, Dr. Rafael Fabre reveals that Kaja and Phil Foglio, the brilliant Gaslamp Fantasists behind the Hugo-nominated webcomic Girl Genius have announced that the comic will be expanding into a number of different mediums. We're talking prose novels, audio books, Tor graphic novels, and even serialized overseas. This comic is probably my single favorite graphic-novel-type story in existence right now.

The Steampunk Scholar pulls a wrap-up of Canuck Steampunk Month complete with deep thoughts on Northerns (the Canadian version of Westerns), a revelation that he'll be doing a presentation on First Nations characters in a variety of Steampunk and Alternate History works at the Eaton Science Fiction conference in 2011. Is there any doubt why I say the Scholar (Mike Perschon) is smarter than me?

Nick Valentino, best known for his Steampunk book Thomas Riley, was interviewed over at the STEAMED! blog. Lolita Elizabeth took up the proverbial gauntlet, and quizzed the post-San Diego Comic Con Mister Valentino about his current book, the sequel, how and where he writes, and balancing both the writing time and the marketing time. The man himself also, earlier this month, announced the release of Dreams of Steam through Kerlak Publishing.

Boston-area Steampunks have Calista Taylor to thank for passing along notification of a Nemo’s Steampunk Art & Invention Gallery at Patriot's Place in Foxboro coming up on September 18, 2010. Admission is free for those folks who show up in Steampunk garb. Hmm ... I wonder if I can convince Her Highness the Missus to let me dress up. The event is presented by SteamPuffin and 5 Wits-Patriot Place.

And if you've been following my Tweets today, you'll already be aware of the rapid-fire fun Steampunk stuff that's going on, specifically that JJ Abrams is going to be making a movie based on the graphic novel Boilerplate, which is about a steam-powered robot created in the 19th Century that gets involved in all sorts of historical events.

News of a high-end Steampunked-out USB drive has taken the 'net by storm. Today's addition are stories about how much the drive is being sold for and the inspiration behind it. has a story about country band Sugarland's new Steampunk aesthetic on stage; they also derisively call Steampunk a form devoted to "creaky Victorian-era steam engine machinery." At left is a photo of Sugarland taken by Jennifer Tzar.

Now, I love love love Sugarland. But the assumption by Entertainment Weekly that Steampunk is something only nerds love is kind of insulting and narrowminded. But anyway, I digress.

One final event on the linkapalooza this week. If you're in the Minneapolis area between July 31 and August 29, stop into Stevens Square Park for The New Antiquarians, a mixed-media exhibition featuring work from fourteen different artists. Yes, this is Steampunk artwork there, folks. Oh, and if you happen to be in the Madison, Wisconsin area, could you also say hello the crew of the H.M.A. Badger for me?

Anything else I forgot to mention in the Steampunk awesomeness this week? Let me know in the comments!

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