Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yeah, I got nothing

Today's post was going to be about the steam car Abner Doble released in 1924 -- I even found a video of Jay Leno talking about it (He of the big chin owns one) -- but I'm yet again suffering from earnings brain.

I'm lucky I even found time (read:energy) to write this gem of brevity. But I wanted to make sure I didn't miss a day without letting my faithful readers know in advance.

Oh, and Stephanie? I'd quite enjoy being part of your second round of betas for HATSHEPSUT. I've got a bunch of time to turn around now, seeing as I'm taking a partly willing/partly forced hiatus from CALLARION AT NIGHT (I have to outline the next section before I can write it since so much has to happen in such a short time frame).

So feel free to hit me up for critiquing. The same offer goes out to all my blog buddies, of course.


Stephanie Thornton said...


I was just thinking to myself, "I wonder why Matt is so quiet today." Now I know. I wish we could all be independently wealthy and just sit at home and eat bonbons (or chocolate covered pretzels) and write.


I will so take you up on the beta offer. And I want to beta Callarion at Night big-time. You've got me hooked on steampunk! If you have a lot of free time I could send it your way now or you could wait until the official second round of beta-ing begins in December. Your choice!

L. T. Host said...

Me too!!!! Me TOOO!!!!!


Hope your brain feels better, Matt. I feel your pain.

Stephanie-- wouldn't that be luverly?

Matthew Delman said...

Stephanie --

I would take you up on that, but I'd rather wait because I can't guarantee I'd be able to devote the brainpower it deserves for another few weeks. Bane lucked out because he got his WiP to me before things got crazy busy.

I'm expecting this draft of CaN to be finished by some point in December (god willing). I may or may not send the draft to you fine folks in January (worst case it'll be mid-February depending on how OCD I decide to be and when I finish it).

Stephanie Thornton said...

That actually works out perfectly since my first round of betas are getting the book back to me after Thanksgiving. And then I imagine I'll have a whole slew of revisions to slog through. I'm aiming for Beta Round #2 to take place late December/early January.

Joshua McCune said...

You're a better man than me :)

Susan R. Mills said...

I'm suffering with the time thing. So, I personally love your brainless post, because normally, I get sucked in to your details and spend way to long on your blog. This way, I just spent a couple of seconds. Well, until I decided to leave this incredibly long comment. Really, I must get a handle on thing. Seriously, though, I love your detailed posts, but completely understand when you just can't do it.