Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting the News Out and Friends Being Awesome

I've been surprised lately by the sheer awesome of the Steampunk community at large. Being that I've written about the scene for awhile now, you'd think that wasn't possible. Except in this case it is, because more than a few people have written their own blogs about the project (at my request, but it still shocked me). And then there's two fellow Steampunks -- Andrea McDade and O.M. Grey -- who really surprised me because they offered further incentives for people to donate to the magazine.

Sarah Hans, one of the magazine's writers, offers her reasons why you should donate:

Nancy Overbury of Overbury Ink, a fellow Steampunk journalist, featured the Kickstarter in her weekly Steam Tuesday article:

Nicholas L. Garvey, a Steampunk friend, blogged about the fundraiser:

Andrea McDade is offering up a 6x9 watercolor portrait if you donate $20 or more and email her a screenshot as proof. Donate $50 or more and she'll even send it to you: best part is that even if the Kickstarter doesn't succeed, you still get the painting.

Olivia Grey, Steampunk authoress, is offering up a free e-copy of your choice between her novels Avalon Revisited or The Zombies of Mesmer if you donate $25 or more to the Kickstarter and comment on her blog post that you did:

As if helping us launch this magazine into the stratosphere through donating wasn't enough, you've now got even further incentives from Andrea and Olivia to pass along your donations.

If you're uncomfortable donating, and I know some people might be, check out my blog post over at Free the Princess (my personal blog) for more ways you can support the magazine.

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